How to Get Your Backlinks Recognized by Google


Backlinks are crucial for boosting your website’s SEO and improving its ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Despite the importance of backlinks, many website owners face the challenge of getting Google to recognize and index these links. If you have diligently built backlinks from reputable sites like Yelp, Hotfrog, Manta, MerchantCircle, and others, but are not seeing them reflected in Google Search Console after several months, it can be frustrating. In this post, we’ll explore effective strategies to ensure your backlinks are recognized by Google, helping you maximize their SEO benefits.

1. Submit URLs to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an invaluable tool for managing your website’s presence in Google search results. Use the URL Inspection tool to submit the URLs of the pages where your backlinks are located. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to the URL Inspection tool in Google Search Console.
  • Enter the URL of the page containing your backlink.
  • Click on Request Indexing. This will prompt Google to crawl and index the page, speeding up the process of recognizing your backlinks.

2. Monitor Link Quality

Ensure that your backlinks come from reputable and relevant sites. Google values quality over quantity, so backlinks from high-authority sites are more valuable. Regularly check the quality of your backlinks using tools like Ahrefs, Moz, or SEMrush to ensure they meet Google’s standards.

3. Create and Submit a Sitemap

A comprehensive sitemap helps Google crawl and index your site more effectively. Make sure your sitemap is up-to-date and includes all important pages. Submit your sitemap through Google Search Console to facilitate faster indexing.

4. Promote Content with Backlinks

Promote the content containing your backlinks through social media, email newsletters, and other channels. Increased traffic and engagement can encourage faster indexing by Google. Share these pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to drive more visitors.

5. Build Internal Links

Use internal linking to connect various pages on your site. This helps Google discover and index new pages, including those with your backlinks. Effective internal linking creates a clear structure and helps distribute link equity across your site.

6. Check for Nofollow Attributes

Ensure that the backlinks do not have the nofollow attribute, which tells search engines not to follow the link. If a backlink is marked as nofollow, it won’t pass any SEO value to your site.

7. Regularly Update Content

Regularly update your website’s content to keep it fresh. Fresh content encourages search engines to crawl your site more frequently, increasing the chances of your backlinks being indexed.

8. Use Google Search Console’s Link Report

Periodically check the Links report in Google Search Console to monitor which backlinks Google has recognized. This can help you identify any patterns or issues. The report provides insights into your site’s top linking sites, top linked pages, and the text used in the links.

Additional Tips for Effective Backlink Recognition

  • Content Quality: Ensure the content on the pages with your backlinks is high-quality and valuable. Google is more likely to index content that provides value to users.
  • Diversify Link Sources: Continue to build backlinks from a variety of sources to create a natural link profile.
  • Patience: Sometimes, it simply takes time for Google to index backlinks, especially if they are from pages that are not frequently crawled.

Troubleshooting Backlink Issues

If you still face issues, consider the following:

  • Crawl Budget: Check if your site has a large number of low-quality or thin content pages that might be wasting your crawl budget. Improve or remove such pages.
  • Duplicate Content: Ensure there is no duplicate content on your site that might be confusing search engines.
  • Technical SEO Issues: Conduct a thorough technical SEO audit (Sarcastic Heifer now offers a FREE SEO Audit) to ensure no issues prevent Google from crawling and indexing your site effectively.

By following these steps and maintaining a focus on high-quality backlinks, you should see an improvement in the recognition and impact of your backlinks over time. Happy backlinking!

How to Get Your Backlinks Recognized by Google
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